Why Choose Us

We are a school of character and use the Bible as the framework for our teaching. We dedicate ourselves to achieving the following goals:
Spiritual (Timothy 3:15-17)

1. To help each child develop a love of God.
2. To teach the child that Jesus is God's Son and to love him.
3. To teach the content of the Word of God, the Bible, and help each child to "hide God's word in his heart."
4. To instill a love for others.
5. To receive and give forgiveness.
Mental (Psalms 139:13-16)

1. To help the child develop a positive attitude of self-worth.
2. To develop a feeling of competence and satisfaction in the mastery of new skills.
3. To build a positive attitude toward his/her education.
4. To help the child develop a sense of responsibility and self-control.
5. To stimulate curiosity, creativity, and imagination. . .
6. To involve the child in a developmental educational program (concepts in math, science, social studies, history, geography, reading, readiness language, music, art and play).
7. To expand the child's experience pool and to enhance his use and understanding of language.
Social (Philippians 2:1-4)

1. To provide an environment that will foster his sense of security.
2. To encourage courtesy, helpfulness, manners, honesty.
3. To help the child to feel accepted by his teachers and peers.
4. To promote sharing with others.
5. To develop self-care skills.
Physical (I Conithian 6:19-20)

1. To Provide for health, safety and well-being of a child.
2. To encourage the development of large and small muscles with emphasis of proper play techniques and sensory motor programs.
3. To promote good health habits.
We provide excellent private school education from Pre K to 8th Grade Total Classroom Teachers: 28 Student Enrollment: 300+ Students Per Teacher Ratio: 11:1 (National average: 13:1) We use A BEKA BOOK Curriculum, a Christian-based curriculum with a scriptural foundation for academic excellence and good character training, offering a complete classroom program with a spiraling approach to skill building and development of skills within each level from one level to the next provides for the continuous maintenance and development of basic skill. We are a part of the Associations of Christian Schools International (ACSI). We offer onsite and affordable extracurricular activities available for busy working moms and dads. Examples: • San Dokai Martial Arts - Youth Karate & Self-Defense Classes – Mon & Wed 4-5 p.m., $35 per month • After School Tutorial Programs – Mon thru Thurs 4–5 p.m., $25 per week • Princess Feet Dance Academy – Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Creative Movement, 1x per week, $35 per month • And many more…
We provide Heathy School Meals prepared using the new standards, align school meals with the latest nutrition science and the real world circumstances of America's schools through the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act championed by the First Lady and signed by President Obama. Breakfast, lunch and snack are provided for all students enrolled in the daycare program; non-daycare students will be provided with lunch and snack only. Comments posted by some of the parents of our students about our school: Posted January 06, 2015 Optimal Christian Academy is a great school. It offers low class sizes and lots of one on one time for teachers and students. The school administration highly encourages parents to get involved with their child's education on a daily basis. They have created an environment that allows parents and students to develop positive relationships with teachers. They provide positive examples for students of color that help students form a positive self-identify of themselves and others that look like them. In an attempt to save money I took my son out of Optimal and placed him in Intensive Learning Center (ILC) Elementary School in Lakewood, CA. ILC is supposed to be one of the area's best schools, however my child was at least one grade ahead of his classmates and the only solution was to skip him. Instead, I sent him back to Optimal where he is thriving and continues to be ahead of other kids his age. Posted August 23, 2010 Optimal is a great school from pre-school through 4th grade. I had 2 children at this school and they learned so much. Both of my children were reading and writing very well in Kindergarten. I was so proud and I enjoyed bragging and showing their work. The Christian education was a plus, they also tested above grade level on their Stanford test. Middle school starts in the 5th grade at Optimal, I didn't like that very well, because I felt that children should have one instructor that learn and focus on them and they lack the maturity to change instructors and teachers. In the beginning they had some challenges adjusting, but they finally adjusted. Communication was a bit difficult in middle school, and sometimes a little unpleasant. But I hear from parents at other school having the same issue with communication. I felt that my children were safe at Optimal. Posted August 19, 2009 I just enrolled my two kids in the pre-school department. I was interested in a school like this. I really like the school and the teachers, I think that this is the best school I could find in this environment. The only down part I'd like to admit is that is rather expensive for a low income family like ourselves but I think that the outcome is totally worth it. Posted March 17, 2009 My child has attended Optimal for 4 years now and I have no complaints. I believe that Optimal is giving my child a Biblical and educational experience. In this day and time when so many young people are growing up in areas where schools could care less and knowing that Optimal is giving every opportunity for your child to succeed is the best school for the money.